Company Philosophy

O'Neil Financial was founded with the goal of providing sound financial and integrity based financial solutions to our clients. In a world where customer service and a personal touch seem to be a thing of the past, you can rest assured that at O'Neil Financial, we still believe that good old customer service and strong relationship building is key to continuing a successful business.

Our office is known for it's "open door policy." Much of the time, our clients just pop in on their way home from work. Sometimes they have a question regarding their investments, or need to drop off paperwork, or just ask a question about a recent quarterly statement they received. Whatever the issue may be at the time, we are always around to help you.

Once you are a member of our private client group, we will do everything in our power to keep you a happy client. We will help you stay focused on your goals, assist you on how to get there, and continuously meet with you to keep the plan going with its original intent in mind.

It is our priority to continue our education in financial services, so that our clients can feel comfortable dealing with a financial planning team that is competent, and can assist them in the various aspects of their financial well being.

Trust Your Advisor... Then the Investment!

The most important issue that we try to stress to people is that the "trust" in any financial planning relationship starts with you and your financial planner first. The recommended investments should come second to an already solid and positive client-planner relationship. If no trust is established, then there will be minimal trust in the investment as well, and then the whole financial planning relationship, as a whole, will have no worth.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the relationship you have with your financial planner, and viewing that person as someone who is looking out for your best interests. The main reason why an investor would tend to back away from the client-planner relationship is when they feel that the material facts and disclosures have not been properly and ethically laid out for them to make an informed decision on the direction they would like to go.

Our job is to educate you, inform you of all material facts, and disclose the most important factors that would hinder your decision on a certain investment. Once all material facts have been laid on the table, such as fees and expenses, and you have a good understanding of what you can expect from the investment and the financial planner... then the relationship is destined for nothing but success!