Father & Son Team

Imagine the power of having two qualified financial planners working together to design a customized financial plan for you. They always say that two minds are better than one. But what about having two minds for the price of one?

When you work with O'Neil Financial, that is exactly what you will get. Bill and Mark work together as a team. We brainstorm, collaborate, and exchange our thoughts to deliver one great financial plan that is custom tailored to fit your unique situation. We work with you to ensure that your plan is successfully implemented from beginning to end. Also, we encourage you to meet with us frequently, so we can monitor the progress of the plan and make changes as needed.

The Father


William J. O'Neil started O'Neil Financial over 1982. He brings a tremendous amount of education and professional qualities to the financial planning table. Yet if you were to ask any of his clients what is the most important trait Bill had to offer before choosing to work with him they would say it was his integrity. Bill will be the first to tell you that finding a financial planner that you can trust and feel comfortable working with should be your #1 priority.

Bill O'Neil is a well known, reputable, and highly regarded financial planner throughout the community. He works diligently with his son, Mark, on each and every client they come in contact with to protect the reputation and integrity of the firm. As one of our clients, you will enjoy the same level of confidence and satisfaction that is shared amongst all of our investors.

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The Son


Mark O'Neil started his financial planning career with O'Neil Financial in 2001. He has been a tremendous addition to the firm, bringing numerous skills in financial planning, technology, and communications. Mark earned a specialty degree in "financial markets and investments" from Wayne State University. His broad based knowledge and experience in the financial field has been an instrumental factor in the continued growth and success of the firm.

Mark has a real passion for what he does. He enjoys being able to help people achieve the goals and dreams they have worked so hard to attain. With each new client, carrying their own unique set of needs and requirements, Mark is always up for the challenge on helping his clients determine the best financial route.

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How our team can work for you

Working with a father and son financial planning team has a multitude of benefits. On one side, you have Bill, who has been a successful financial planner for over 40 years. Bill is the seasoned, experienced, "been around the block" (if you will) person at O'Neil Financial. He has built a solid reputation for himself, and O'Neil Financial, as a trustworthy place to invest and gain advanced knowledge on financial planning strategies and concepts.

On the other side, you have Mark, who brings the "new age" theory of financial planning and portfolio management to the firm with over 20 years of experience. Mark also brings the latest technological advances, and determines how they can be used to further the communications ability of the firm, as well as deliver better research and financial analysis for their clients.

Between the two of them, Bill and Mark have over 60 years of combined financial planning experience, as well as individually unique skills and capabilities. Choosing to use their services to advance your personal financial freedom may be the best decision you may ever make.