Mark O'Neil

Mark O'Neil is a well known financial planner and financial educator in the Metro Detroit area. He has been successfully consulting clients on how to improve their financial positions for over 15 years.


Mark specializes in the financial research and analysis area for the firm. He pays extremely close attention to the financial markets and the changes that occur daily in the economic climate, government, interest rates, earnings reports, and investment offerings. Mark is primarily responsible for the asset allocation selection, and management for the various asset classes and investment categories for the O'Neil Financial client base.

Mark maintains and manages his own client base, as well as co-manages assets with his father. Together, they make a fantastic team. Mark and Bill work diligently on their client files to maintain the investment style and implementation strategies of their clients' original financial plan.

Since joining his father at O'Neil Financial, the firm has grown rapidly and their client base continues to increase as new investors make the switch to O'Neil Financial, and loyal investors continue to feel comfortable referring their family and friends.

The Benefits of Working with Mark O'Neil

Mark O'Neil is a graduate from the school of business at Wayne State University. He holds a finance degree with a core concentration in "Financial Markets and Investments." His education and degree are both unique to the financial services and financial planning profession. Mark recognized early in his college career that most universities only offered degrees in corporate finance, which was the instrumental decision for him attending Wayne State and earning the specialized degree that he did.

Mark's main objective when working with his clients is to overturn the naturally cumbersome, boring issue of financial planning and turning it into a fun, enjoyable and motivating experience. Mark is there every step of the way to make sure his clients are happy. He is extremely passionate about what he does for a living and wants to pass on every bit of knowledge he can to each client and make a measurable, positive difference in their lives.

William J. O'Neil and Mark O'Neil, are a father and son financial planning team. Their clients not only enjoy the thought of having two minds working for them, but also the fact that their values, morals, and integrity are shared when recommending their thoughts and financial strategies to the client. If you are looking for a highly regarded financial services professional, then consider choosing William J. O'Neil and O'Neil Financial.

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