Our Approach


At O'Neil Financial, we have developed a unique and detailed approach to investment planning and money management. We do not just build our clients a portfolio and tell them to "hang tight" for 5 to 7 years and expect them to do well. We actually monitor the performance of your accounts weekly, while paying really close attention to the performance of all asset classes and related benchmarks. It is our job to make sure that you are in the right asset classes and fund categories at all times.

Our 6 Step Portfolio Management Process

When you work with O'Neil Financial, you will see that we have taken the traditional approach to the financial planning process and improved upon it to deliver a higher quality of service to you. Instead of just recommending a long term plan with one set of investment holdings, we work with you along the way to analyze which investment classes are outperforming the others. Then we decide if it would make sense to rebalance your investments to other asset classes and fund categories in hopes of delivering a higher return. In the next few paragraphs you will learn more about "our approach" to wise money management.

Step #1: Help you determine your goals & objectives

The first step of the financial planning process will be to outline your financial goals, objectives, and the desired time frame on making these goals a reality. This tends to be the most challenging step for our clients since very few of them actually take the time to put their financial objectives on paper.

Step #2: Analyze the risk

The next step is to analyze how much risk you will need to take in order to grow your investments to the desired amount. We will need to take into consideration things such as: the amount of time you have to meet your goals, the current rate of inflation, your age, investment experience and what types of financial holdings you currently own in your portfolio.

Step #3: We select the asset categories for you

This is the area of financial planning where we like to "stand out" amongst our competitors. We not only build you a well structured portfolio that is completely diversified amongst the various fund asset categories, but we will also manage each fund category for you and make recommendations on where we think you will earn the greatest return.

Here is a list of the fund categories that we can advise you on:

Domestic Equity
Large Growth
Large Blend
Large Value
MidCap Growth
MidCap Blend
MidCap Value
Small Growth
Small Blend
Small Value

Balanced Funds
Conservative Allocation
Moderate Allocation
World Allocation
Target Date

Specialty Funds
Real Estate
Natural Resources
Gold/Precious Metals
Foreign Equity
Foreign Small Value
Foreign MidCap Value
Foreign Large Value
Foreign Large Blend
Foreign Large Growth
World Stock
Europe Stock
Pacific/Asia Stock
Latin America Stock
Japan Stock
Emerging Markets

Fixed-Income Funds
High Yield Bond
Multisector Bond
World Bond
Government Bond
Emrg. Markets Bond
Long/Short Bond
Inflation Protected Bd.
Ultrashort Bond

Municipal Bonds
High Yield Muni
State Issued Muni

Step #4: Monitor investment performance

After each portfolio rebalancing, we will monitor your investments' performance and determine how well our recommendations are working out for you. If we learn of any new information that will affect any of the fund categories, or if we think one category may perform better than another, we will give you a call to discuss our thoughts.

Step #5: Review the performance every 6 months

It is important that we meet on a regular basis to review your accounts and track the performance of your investments. Some of our clients make it a priority to come see us every 6 months, while others schedule a meeting to review their portfolio once a year. It is really up to you to decide how much time is appropriate for reviewing your investments, however, we do encourage you to keep a strong working relationship with us at all times to ensure you get the most out of your investing experience.

Step #6: Rebalance investment categories

In the financial markets, you will find that there are always some investment categories that are outperforming the others. It is always a good idea to look at how well each category is performing, and review frequently so we can decide if and when a full rebalancing would make sense to you and your financial situation.

If you would like O'Neil Financial to take a look at your current investments, as well as educate you on the performance of the various asset classes, then click here for a free consultation.