Our Fees

Fees are something you need to pay very close attention to when selecting an investment as well as a financial planner. We prefer to bring up the discussion of fees for investment and financial planning services prior to your inquiry to ensure your comfort level. Fees are something you should not have to uncover or figure out on your own. They are a crucial element in deciding which investment products are most appropriate for your situation.


Many investors are often confused on what it may cost to work with a financial planner, as well as, how much they are currently paying in fees to own the investments that are currently held in their portfolios. We feel that this topic should not be left as a mystery to our clients. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this area of our website to inform you of the various ways in which you may pay for the help of a financial planner

3 Ways Financial Planners Are Compensated

Part 1: Fee Based

A fee based financial planning engagement works just as it sounds. For an agreed upon fee, you and your financial planner will work together to structure a financial portfolio that is right for you and will match your unique and individualized needs. Usually, the fee is determined by the amount of capital you are willing to invest. In most cases the management fee will range from 1% to 2% of assets under management.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Our Asset Management Programs:

  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Ability to Consolidate Accounts
  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Access to Numerous Securities
  • Monthly Activity Statements
  • Cash Management Privileges such as check writing
  • Cost Basis Reporting
  • Low Account Minimums to start
  • And much more!

Notice: Please see our ADV Part II for any and all fees and charges.

Part 2: Commission Based

Some of the financial products that you may decide to purchase from a financial planner may compensate him/her in the form of a commission. These products may include the purchase of annuities, b-share mutual funds, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). All of which may be suitable investment products that will help you meet your goals and financial objectives. It will be our job to inform you of which investments will pay a commission and which investments can be placed under the fee based program.

Part 3: Combination of Fee Based & Commission

In most situations, you will find that in order to have a well balanced financial portfolio, you may need to implement several types of investment products that may compensate your financial professional in the form of a fee, a commission, or sometimes a combination of both.

At O'Neil Financial we will inform you of the various directions you can take to develop the most cost effective portfolio. We can help you decide which investments are best suited for you, and help you make an educated decision on which path you should take.

If you would like O'Neil Financial to take a look at the fees you are currently paying for your investments as well as the fees you are paying to your financial advisor, then click here for a free consultation.